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Integrity Asset Management is an asset management and financial advisory firm that focuses on a wide variety of clients ranging from small investors to high net worth individuals.  We are committed to understanding our clients’ needs and to provide the expertise required to achieve their financial goals. Through face-to-face meetings, interviews and questionnaires, David Hamer (President and Owner) will work with you to define your goals, fears, concerns and risk tolerance and will design a  specific investment portfolio or financial plan to meet those criteria.

Our philosophy is an individualized approach to connecting with our clients. We are committed to understanding our clients’ needs and to provide the expertise required in order to achieve their financial goals.

  • The first part of our philosophy consists of conducting ourselves with integrity.  You need a financial advisor that you can trust and at Integrity Asset Management, that attitude is so important to us that we put it in our name. Integrity is the most important characteristic of a financial advisor.  You are trusting your financial well-being to us and we take that responsibility very seriously. We understand that trust is the key part of any advisor relationship and we work diligently to earn and keep your trust throughout our relationship.
  • The second part of our philosophy is a commitment to our clients. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your financial goals and make sure you understand the options that are available to you. When you hire Integrity Asset Management to invest and manage your money or to help you with your financial planning, you will receive 100% of our firm's commitment to you. We are devoted to helping all of our clients obtain financial freedom.

For more information about Integrity Asset Management, or to schedule your own complimentary personalized financial consultation, please contact us at 310-248-2230.