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Why do I need a money manager or financial advisor?

When you are sick, you visit the doctor.  When your finances ail, you should visit a financial doctor.  After the physical health of you and your family, your financial health is the most important aspect of you and your family’s lives. If you are having financial issues or just need a little assistance with your money, you should go see a financial expert.  We are financial experts and are here to help you deal with your financial issues whatever they may be.  We can manage your money or develop a financial plan to help you meet your future needs.  When dealing with the second most important aspect of your life, you need expert advice and that is what we provide!

What is your fee structure?

We have a flexible fee structure designed to meet your needs.  For asset management services, our basic fee structure is based on the average monthly account balance as follows:

Under $1 million * 1% per year
$1 million to $10 million 0.75% per year
Over $10 million 0.50% per year

For financial planning services, we offer fixed quarterly fee arrangements based upon on the level of service to be provided with a minimum fee of $600 per quarter.  

All of our fees are disclosed upfront and all fees are fully agreed upon between us before any asset management or financial planning agreement is signed.  The bottom line is that we want to work with you and do not want fees to be the driving force behind your decision to work with us.

* A minimum annual fee of $2,000 is charged if the average monthly balance throughout the year is less than $100,000.

What is your investment approach?

Our investment approach is based mainly on fundamental analysis.  We diligently research all of our investment recommendations including reviewing publicly available financial reports, listening to company presentations, speaking with company management and analyzing relevant financial ratios among other due diligence items.  While we do not try to predict the direction of the various financial markets, we do monitor and review general economic information to help us determine the proper asset allocation for our clients.  We also review technical indicators but do not base our investment recommendations solely on technical factors.  We do all of our own research and do not rely on third parties to perform research or analysis on our behalf.  All of our investment recommendations are internally generated.

Do you get paid any commissions by making investment recommendations?

NO. We do not accept any commissions, fees or any other type of compensation from any company for any of the investment recommendations that we make to our clients.  Our only compensation is based upon the fees that are paid to us by our clients that are agreed upon before the commencement of any services by us.  We feel it is very important to maintain our independence so that our clients can rely upon the investment recommendations and advice that we are giving them. 

Where do you custody your accounts for assets under your management?

We use Charles Schwab & Co. as our custodian and ask our clients to establish their brokerage accounts with Charles Schwab if they are not already there.  Charles Schwab is a low cost custodian with a long history of serving individual investors.  We try to minimize all fees paid by our clients and using Charles Schwab as a custodian helps us to achieve that goal.  Our asset management agreements describe the parameters by which we can execute trades on behalf of clients and would include any limitations on trading to the extent desired by our clients.  It is very easy to transfer brokerage accounts and we handle all of the administrative tasks needed to effectuate such transfers.  Clients will always have full access to their accounts and have the ability to deposit and withdraw funds from their accounts at any time.

For more information about Integrity Asset Management, or to schedule your own complimentary personalized financial consultation, please contact us at 310-248-2230.