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What exactly does asset management mean?

At Integrity Asset Management, we believe asset management means getting to know what future needs a client has for the money that has been invested with us.  It means understanding what type of risk tolerance a client has based on both their personal and financial history.  It means learning what type of investments a client is comfortable owning and what investments make a client unable to sleep at night.  It means creating a customized portfolio designed to meet those needs subject to each client’s individual limitations.  Finally, it means continuously monitoring a client’s portfolio and making changes when necessary in the most tax-efficient manner in order to reflect changing market conditions.

How We Help You

When you work with Integrity Asset Management, we will take the time to get to know you, to understand your personal goals and financial concerns.  We will find out what your intended use is for the money we are investing for you and we will design a customized portfolio to allow you to meet these needs while seeking to obtain the highest return subject to your risk tolerance.

More than just constructing an investment portfolio, we also take the time to explain the process to you and ensure that you understand every move that is being made with your money. We monitor the financial markets daily and regularly review your investment portfolio to ensure that the portfolio is optimally positioned for success.  We send individualized quarterly performance statements and are happy to discuss any aspects of a client’s portfolio at any time so you’re not confused about any of the money-saving and money-making moves that we execute on your behalf.


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